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Don't be fooled only by its beauty...

Strawberries are not only beautiful to look at, they are a super food for your skin, you may not know but strawberries are in many of our beauty products today and is very popular in skincare, because it contains AHA's (alpha-hydroxy acids). Strawberries clear acne and excess oilyness, gives the skin a natural glow by making it look younger and smoother, whitens teeth and help to reduce under eye puffiness. On average eight strawberries can provide nearly 120 % of the recommended daily intake for Vitamin C,the high Vitamin C content contributes to the antioxident effects strawberries have, other ingredients which are phytochemicals carry even higher levels of antioxidant compounds than Vitamin C content offers. Strawberries contain several catagories of phytochemicals some are Ellagic acid: Anthocyanins: Pterostilbene. Strawberry extracts contain high levels of enzyme materials which help cells fights against body's aging process.

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