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Our Kimo Bentley All Natural formulas are packaged inside of recyclable PETE containers that can easily and safely be picked up by most curbside recycling programs. 


These plastic containers are recycled into furniture, carpet, polar fleece, tote bags, fiber, and occasionally new containers. 


The Kimo Bentley Team is dedicated to providing our customers with easy and innovative ways to reuse our containers to ensure sustainability of resources. 


Read more about our Kimo Bentley Beauty Container Program 

3 Easy Ways to Reuse Your Kimo Bentley Containers


1. Store shelf stable dry foods that you normally keep in canisters. Due to their oxygen/moisture barrier qualities PETE containers better maintain the freshness of stored dry foods


2. Organize your beauty and grooming supplies. The containers can easily hold anything from q-tips and makeup brushes to lipstick and eyeliner tubes. 


3. Young children love crayons, and somehow they end up in just about every place other than the original box. Repurposeing the containers as a storage place for crayons is very simple and easy. 





Kimo Bentley Beauty Container Recycling Program 


DON'T THROW YOUR EMPTY CONTAINERS OUT!!! The Kimo Bentley All Natural Beauty Team will gladly take those empty containers off of your hands. We will provide you with a prepaid shipping label for you to return your empty containers.  


1. Send us an email to with the subject line Kimo Bentley Beauty Recycles

2. Tell us how many containers you would like to ship back to us. 

3. Once we receive your email allow us 5-7 days to provide you with a prepaid shipping label. 

4. Ship back the container!


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