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  • 30 min
  • Kimo Bentley Med Spa and Beauty

Service Description

PLEASE ONLY BOOK THIS SERVICE, IF YOU ARE A GROUPON HOLDER. SEE BOOKING POLICY. THERE IS A $50 FEE FOR NO SHOW APPOINTMENTS OR SAME DAY CANCELLATIONS. DO NOT BOOK THE SAME APPOINTMENT MULTIPLE TIMES, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE FULL PRICE of the service. CALL THE OFFICE DURING BUSINESS HOURS TO CORRECT AN ERROR. IF YOU ARE LATE 10 MINUTES WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT, WE VALUE ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS AND THEIR TIME, SO YOU BEING LATE IMPACTS THE PERSON AFTER YOU AND OUR STAFF. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO REBOOK ONLINE. BY BOOKING THIS APPOINTMENT YOU AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ABOVE. A Brazilian wax involves complete pubic hair removal. If you’re worried about the pain level, . As a general rule, hard waxes tend to hurt less than soft waxes. Dos ​For Brazilian Wax ​Exfoliate and hydrate the area waxed to avoid ingrown hair. ​Let your waxer know before your appointment if you have any allergies, health conditions, or are taking any medication. Accutane, or any topical lotions or creams like AHAs or Retin-A, are not compatible with Brazilian wax or sugar. ​Attend regular waxing treatments, to better help reduce pain and ingrown hair. Don’ts For Brazilian Wax Swim, tan, or workout for 24 hours after waxing. Use products that contain alcohol on the waxed area. Shave between waxes because that distorts the hair growth cycle. Apply lotion right before the waxing treatment. Trim hair too short (hair length should be 1/4-inch) which is the length of a grain of rice. Let the hair grow too long, causing an increase in the pain. Take alcohol (and other stimulants such as caffeine) prior to waxing, stimulants tighten the pores. PLEASE READ OUR APPOINTMENT POLICY CAREFULLY BEFORE BOOKING ANY APPOINTMENT. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE POLICY. The Kimo Bentley hydrating facial consists of using the water peeling technology which hydrates, exfoliates, infuses, and rejuvenates all at the same time. This treatment is recommended in a series for best results. Please do not use any retinol, hydroquinone, compounds that have had micro-blading , brow tints, or be on any other prescription while coming in for this service.

Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are very important to Kimo Bentley Med Spa. We hold your appointment(s) just for you and ask that if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, you please provide us with 24-48 hours ' notice unless you have a medical emergency. This way we will be able to adjust our schedule accordingly to accommodate clients on our waiting list. We do, of course, understand that unavoidable issues come up and will do our best to work with you in case of an emergency, etc. However, there is a 100% fee incurred (total cost of your service) for last-minute cancellations or no-shows. If you are 10 minutes past your appointment time it is considered LATE. THE TECHNICIAN HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICING YOU DUE TO TIME. We DO NOT accept 'I am parking or looking for parking or just walking in as an excuse, Here is our general breakdown of cancellation fees: • Less than 48-hour notice we have the right to charge 100% of reserved appointment(s) • ‘NO SHOWS’ OR NO CALL will be charged $50.00 As a courtesy, you will receive a call, text, and/or email to confirm the date and time prior to your appointment 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If we are unable to reach you and only leave a message, or cannot reach you at all, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times in order to avoid missed appointments and cancellation fees ($50.00) You are always welcome to call and double-check any appointments if you’re unsure. Please DO NOT contact us through SOCIAL MEDIA platforms to cancel appointments. We reserve the right to refuse to provide service to clients who have multiple offenses in accordance with our policies. Please DO NOT bring an entourage, friends or family, pets or children to your appointment, they will not be allowed in the treatment room or waiting area. IF YOU ARE 10 MINUTES PAST YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME, YOU ARE CONSIDERED LATE, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL YOUR SERVICE, OUR TECHNICIANS HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE SERVICE IF IT IMPACTS ON THE NEXT CUSTOMER. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE. ARRIVING AT 10 MINUTES DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU BEING SEEN AT OUR FACILITY. (IF YOU NEED MORE CLARIFICATION ON THE POLICY FEEL FREE TO CALL THE OFFICE 240 476 3540) Please come in with a clean face (NO MAKE UP) at the time of your appointment if you are getting facial services. There are additional charges for multiple changes in customers moving around appointments more than one time in a month. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICES RENDERED IF A SERVICE HAS BEEN BOOKED AND FOR WHATEVER REASON IT MUST BE CANCELLED THE CLIENT HAS 24-48 HOURS TO REBOOK AN APPOINTMENT NO EXCEPTIONS. CUSTOMERS HAVE 30 DAYS TO REBOOK A CANCELLED APPOINTMENT.

Contact Details

  • 7902 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

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