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10 not so sour uses for Lemon and lemon essential oil

1. Helps alleviate stress

2. Has anti-aging effects

3. Balances PH levels

4. Helps the liver get rid of toxins

5. Helps you to loose lbs

6. Freshens your breath

7. Gives you an energy boost

8. Awakes your senses

9. Anti- fungal and anti viral

10.Skin toner

11.Natural skin lightner

12.Nail Strengthner

13.Helps fight Fatique

14.Immune boosting

15.Helps to relieve asthma

16. Heals calluses

17.Aids is the fight against depression

18.Lymphatic cleansing

19.Helps with hangovers

20.Reduces phelmwith regular use 3 drops in water daily

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