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I must admit that i have never really been a fan of toners, until i had an absolute need for them a few years ago, I have always used natural products and found that my skin still felt a bit dry or tight. Back to the kitchen I went, and began exploring extreme hydrating, coconut water was my first discovery as it was something we used to soothe burns and irritated skin. Coming from an island background I was inspired to make a more tropical blend of ingredients. Aloe,honey, lemon just to name a few ingredients added to my custom toner.

I became so addicted, and now all year round I use my toner to restore, balance and hydrate my skin.

5 Facial toner facts

1. Clears skin tone

2. Hydrates dry skin

3.Balances the Ph levels

4.Improves fine lines

5.Fights signs of aging

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